Hexcopter flipped during loiter


Im new to Arucopter and my multirotor had its first 2 flights today.

My setup is 770mm frame, pixhawk, afro HV esc’s, multistar 4225 390kv motors, 14x4.7 carbon props & 6s 3300mah battery.

All PIDS are on defaults.

It was quite windy (15mph) so kept things simple on first flight and after some simple hovering around in stabilize mode decided to try out some other modes.

Firstly tried alt hold and flew around a bit then tried loiter and considering the wind the hex stayed relatively stationary although there were obvious pitching and rolling to stay in one place.

I then tried the modes again before putting it into RTL and it landed OK (ish)

second flight i took off in stabilize and then switched to loiter and decided to start familiarizing myself with how control inputs affected each mode. so drifeted the hex left a bit then back a bit then tried the yaw stick… yaw was not very fast so put full left hand controll in and about half way round it wobbled and flipped and ended up crashing breaking a few things.

Can any one push me in the right direction as to what adjustments i need toi make to PIDS etc to prevent this happening again. I do not want my copter being unstable - especially in loiter mode.

I can upload logs etc if i can find them.

Many thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Providing either tlogs and/or data flash logs will greatly assist in troubleshooting your issue.

Here’s the log file from the pixhawk.

It doesn’t make much sense as it just seems to stop for no reason.

I’m not even sure it got the whole flight up to anywhere near the flip as I cannot see where I put it into RTL mode and I definitely watched it land in front of me. ?