HEXAROTOR - ESC telemetry

Hi y’all.
I have designed an hexarotor equipped with

  • tarot 4108 motors
  • tekko 32 ESCs
  • pixhawk4
    I am using the 4.0.7 version of the firmware and I totally not able to get the ESC telemetry.
    The parameters are configured following the wiki guide and I am using Dshot protocol - all the telemetry wires are connected together in serial4/uart4.

Post your parameter file.

hexa_rotor_telemetry_not_working.param (17.9 KB)

here you are

Set these back to default (0)

Now, four ESC actually work, while the others are still not working.
I got ‘RCOut PWM 1-8 Ds300 9-12 PWM 13-14’.

From the HWdef page for the Pixhawk 4:
The remaining 8 outputs (labelled AUX1 to AUX8) are the “auxiliary” outputs. These are directly attached to the STM32F765 and support all PWM protocols. The first 4 of the auxiliary PWM outputs support DShot.

Right, however in several posts I read about hexa/octorotor equipped with ESCs communicating the telemetry.

Sure, there are other Flight Controllers that will do that. If there was any hope of it working try this and then see what the Banner message says for channel output protocol. Probably the same.

Pre-order one of these. For those that like the “Pixhawk” form factor it should displace the pesky fmuv5 Pixhawk 4.