Hexacopter too aggressive after autotune

I’ve just finished larger hexacopter build for aerial photography. But it was pretty sluggish.
But after completing autotune hexacopter started to be very aggressive. At take of I can easily notice that aircraft produces high frequency oscillations. After 2 seconds vibrations decreases but not completely.
I must say that it flies better, it holds position much better, yaw holds incredibly good but when doing auto missions it rotates and move very aggressively. It really looks scary to see that large hexacopter to do these aggressive movements.

Is there any parameter that can influence sensitivity of auto tune process? So it finds lower gains that are more optimized for aerial photography flying.

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help with resolving your issue.

Here is a log from last flight, flying autonomously in order to do 3D mapping of small terrain.
mega.nz/#!qAhEWCTL!FG9VYOLIYt8s … 8hQsupqXgc