Hexacopter throttle questions

Hello everyone. I have a question. When setting up my hex, I have always had the throttle set to spring return to center position. Slightly up would cause it to take off and if I let go of the stick, it would hover. Now with the way it’s set up, I have to have the throttle all the way down and starting to move up will cause it to take off. And I’m not sure where my hover point is yet.

Is there a way to set this up in the software so that it is the same as before. Center throttle, slightly up takes off, center stick hovers, and going below center will bring the craft down?

Hovering means thrust is equal to the mass of the aircraft. So in Ardupilot if you set the throttle to 50% thrust it is going to provide enough thrust to counter mass. So it will “take-off”.

I suppose if you set your center stick to less than hover thrust you could create something like you want but center would not hover it would drift down. Also as soon as you arm the motors are going to be moving fast just below hover.

There are parameters that will let you do that but I am not sure if it would be safe.

It’ll work fine like that in Loiter and Position Hold with their heavily damped throttle response.In Stabilize you’ll have to bring the throttle to minimum on arming and control it manually on the way up.

After a flight alternating between Alt Hold and Stabilize your copter will learn the mid throttle point and it should be easier after that.It can drop a bit first couple of times switching to Stabilize so worth doing with a bit of air under it.It learns fast.Once done you should find it more comfortable in Stabilize too.

I’ve recently transitioned to this throttle set up on Solos and am getting very used to it.I may have to change my Taranis to suit.

You can set this up in the parameters.

First you need to find your hover throttle position by using the learn function. (check the Wiki)
This will give you a hover at 50% throttle input, so that when you switch modes you don’t get an increase or decrease in height.
As the copter at hover throttle will rise off the ground due to ground effect you will need to tweak your hover throttle slightly so that it doesn’t.
Try and keep the tweaking within the dead band of the guided throttle position.
If you can’t then you can increase the dead band.

Playing around with these setting should give you what you want.

This is by design. Leave it alone and learn to fly with it. After a few short flights the firmware will have learned where the aircraft hover throttle is and move it to mid stick where it belongs.

I agree oldgazer. I learned to fly standard nitro powered helicopters about 20 years ago. There was no fancy electronics to keep you stable. You needed to learn the feel of the sticks to keep stable. I will learn this stick configuration. This is a px4 controller now. Not the 2.1. I hope this one doesn’t have the problems the 2.1 had.