Hexacopter showing contiously high current pull

Hi Team ,

We are trying to solve the high current draw of our hexacopter for a while. We chnaged the new ESC for ols esc the problem still persists .We are jotting down to motors having problem but noconcrete proof as of now.

Configuration of Drone :

firmware : Arducopter 3.3.2
Readytosky 922 KV motors
Ready to sky 40 A ESC
Pixhawk 2.4.8
battery 3S 11.1V

attching the telemetry log for diagnosis. Please help its urgent as i am at my testing lab then need to travel 190 km back to home :slight_smile: but till the hexa will fly smooth. Thanks.

2023-02-10 14-19-47.tlog (654.1 KB)

A tlog is not much use, you need to supply a .bin dataflash log that you download from the SD Card via MissionPlanner Dataflash log section.

First make sure you have latest MissionPlanner installed, then update the firmware on that flight controller. Your version is years out of date.
Choose latest stable version and Pixhawk1

Do a test flight, upload that log to a filesharing service like Dropbox then post the link to that file here

Thanks Shawn. I took out the data flash log and found this is the the way the motor outputs look like . Could you help more about it ?

Also earlier the when the drone was flying well , we were on the same mission planner version and firmware.

Somewhere i have started building a skeptical thought that latest version of Mission planners are not doing the justice with first time calibration itself ? Could you help with some details. Attaching the other data flash logs for perusal. Thanks.

00000011.zip (513.8 KB)

What are you expecting the current to be?
How much are you actually seeing?
How much does the aircraft weigh?
What battery are you using?
What propellers do you have?
Did you actually calibrate your current sensor?

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Forget about the current for now, deal with the output oscillation.
First, drop The Rate PID’s in half and set these:

Make another AltHold hover flight and check for output oscillation.