Hexacopter setup

I have an exact Hexcopter setup.
Please, can you show how you connected your ESCs and Motors to the Pixhawk.

a diagram would be appreciated.

would it be possible to share how you connected the Battery, ESCs and motors to the Pixhawk.
I just cant seem to get it right


I would be happy to help, but you need to specify what your problem is or more details about what you need to know. Probably start here and go from there.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … ick-start/

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HI, I have the following setup

hexcopter with PDB powering 6 ESC similar to yours.
a motor is connected to each ESC.

how is the ESC connected to the Pixhawk. do you have to eliminate one the wires, i.e. the +ve lead on each ESC? since they are powered up by the PDB.

what power lipo are you using? 6s for the the ESCs + motor. I m assuming you have a hexcopter.
what power lipo are you using to power the pixhawk.

is you can send photos that would be great.

You need to cut all of the +'ve wires from the ESC’s as you are not powering the pixhawk from them.

For Lipos, I am using 8x Hobbyking Zippy Hardcase 3s 5000mAh 20C. Run 2 in series, then 4 in parallel. Giving me a 20000mAh 6s battery.

Please see my post on RCgroups for a little more info and pics


Unfortunately there isn’t much of the wiring.

heres the detail about my setup:

Pixhawk with a Spektrum Sat link to Spektrum DX8,
6 Hobbywing Platinum-30A OPTO,
3DR distribution board.

all powered by 4S 4500 Lipo

I ve connected all as in the Manual, ESCs only powered up by the PDB, and only their Signal wire is connected to the signal rail on the pixhawk.

the pixhawk setup was done via Mission Planner.

When I power up the ESC emmits a single beep every 2 secs, which according to the manual it says the following:

“Throttle signal is abnormal: when the ESC can’t detect the normal throttle signal”

I tested the ESC in a single rotor heli setup and it works fine.

That is wrong. The ground wire must be connected to the Pixhawk too.
=> pixhawk.org/users/esc_motor_con … round_wire
I’m also fairly sure that the Pixhawk manual does not say to connect only the signal wire.

I ve connected the Red and black 2-wire cable from the PDB to +ve and -ve rail number one.

and the ESC to the Rail on the 3dR PDB which comes with a rail of 6 single wires to connect back to the pixhawk.

Am I missing something ?

If you only connected the ESC signal wires to the Pixhawk that you are missing something! The ground wires must be connected too.

OK here is what I ve done to simplify things

LIPO is powering the Pixhawk via 3DR power module (check)
Spektrum Sat it binding and can see throttle signals from TX ( checked via Mission planner )
a single Hobbywing ESC is powered from PDB. the signal and -ve are connected to port #1 on “main out” rail on the pixhawk (check)

I ve went over the setup over and over. but still the ESC cant see the throttle signal to arm.

I really need help. I m stuck

Hi brownviper1966,

If you connect the ESC directly to the receiver’s throttle it is working? Some ESCs requires a 5V input or special configurations, please check your ESC manual.

When you arm, are you getting armed message in mission planner?

If I connect the Hobbywing OPTO 30A ESC directly to the receiver it works fine.

the settings are:

Battery type = LIPO
Cutoff threshold = Middle
timing = 15
PWM = 12 KHz