Hexacopter Roll and Pitch Problem

When I move the drone from the transmitter to the left, it moves to the right.
And when I take it forward, the drone goes back.

***Accelerometer calibration also completed

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It is working fine, that is the way artificial horizons are supposed to work.

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But there is a problem in flying the copier.

Did you test the motor order (A, B, C, D, E , F) in mission planner?
Have you selected the correct FRAME_TYPE and FRAME_CLASS parameters?
Have you searched this forum?
Have you read the excellent documentation?


The roll images look correct. Sounds to me like you need to reverse your RC inputs.

Read this section. There is a detailed description of what the RC inputs should look like in MP: Radio Control Calibration — Copter documentation


Thanks sir for helping me

RC channel selection reverse