Hexacopter. motors 1 and 2 not working after rebuild

Tarot 680S
ZTW 4110 motor and esc combo
Pixhawk 1 - latest firmware

Just rebuilt my Tarot after major crash.
All motors have been individually tested and work
When connected to pixhawk and using Mission Planner “motor test” motors 1 and 2 (motors b and e) do not spin yet the other 4 do.
What can I check to fix this.

Maybe the ESC’s to those motors got damaged in the crash, if you swap the motors on those ESC’s do they still not spin?

I suppose you have also increased the throttle for the motor tests to see if that helps?

the esc’s are inside the motors and tested individually they all work.
I have just thought of something to isolate what I think is a pixhawk issue, I will change the motor connections and see if motors come to life that. It is almost like mission planner sees a quad copter - however i have definitely loaded hexa firmware etc.
I will see…

Post your parameter file.

Thx for the suggestions, however i have resolved the problem. One output pin on the pixhawk was bent just enough to not make contact and the other motor had a cable issue that I has not seen previously.
Swapping the motors to other pixhawk outputs and closer inspection did the trick.