Hexacopter logs

[attachment=0]2015-06-02 12-59-26.bin[/attachment]
[attachment=1]2015-06-02 12-59-26.log[/attachment]

This is a hexacopter with pixhawk,taranis radio,x8r receiver,tarot gimbal,4s battery,and full lua telemetry
i have the logs and need help to understand if the setup is correct.logs saved after 2 min flight in stabalise mode.I’m also using m8n gyro/compass.I really would like to know if settings look o.k.
thanks for looking. :mrgreen:

Looks good except for some motors are higher than others as if it’s trying to correct for a motor not being flat or twisted.


Thanks for your input Mike. I have corrected the motors.I will get new logs soon.I do have another question.
When I arm in alt-hold the throttle response doesn’t make sense to me.When the throttle go’s up and I level out then lower throttle it takes a long time to descend.Is that normal? I have a aeroquad(quad) set up same way and it doesn’t act that way in alt-hold or loiter mode. :ugeek:

ascent/descent will be slower than in stab mode. the throttle is demading a climb rate in those modes.

THANKS mike. :smiley: