Hexacopter initial tune and notch setup

we are tuning our hex copter specification below
2480 propeller with hobby wing x6 plus motor(150kv).
battery li-ion 6s 25200mah (2 battery’s).
Pixhawk cube orange.
neo 3 pro gps.
Drone weight with buttery 15.2kg (Payload planned 25kg ).
we have setup the harmonic notch of this band width of 23hz
Main frequency 46hz
3 notch

Is it ready for tune flight, or anything need to setup?
log is attached link

There are tons of things missing:

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You have some harmonics going on there - make sure everything is secured well.
Vibrations are low, so that’s good.
Disable the second notch, you do not need it at all
and adjust these


and that’s about as good as you will get the harmonic notch filter for that copter.

For everything else follow the linked guide.

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