Hexacopter crash logs

Hexacopter Aperture 800 or Storm 800 from Hobby King was flying nicely when I lost one motor but was in controlled descent when it seemed to loose all power. Would appreciate it if someone could confirm that from taking a look at my log file. On physical inspection I can see a dry solder joint on the power supply board - it tore off but the joint is dry so I’m blaming that. 00000026.zip

The motor failure point is visible in the RCout quite clearly.

The rise to max of RC3 and the reduction of its opposite RC4.

Looking at the Alt, were you flying up hill?
The log stops at altitude which is indicative of a brownout, but I can’t see any definitive voltage variances.
You’re not logging current but there is a sharp momentary drop in voltage which would indicate a short circuit event of some kind, which I would assume is the motor (ESC) failing.

Your IMU data looks OK but interestingly the VIBES is not happy.
This shows clipping occurring which is going to cause issues with stability.

The only other contributor I can see is that you are running the default filter settings in ATC_
Your ATC_RAT_RLL/PIT_FILT are still at 20 and I am assuming from your size description of the copter you are running 15" props.
Looking at the Desire to Actual in the ATT values it would seem the was close to the edge of stability and lost it pretty easily.

have you performed an autotune?

  1. Fix the VIBES
  2. Adjust FILT values for large copters
  3. Autotune.

Thanks for the insight Mike and the screen shoots. Makes it a little easier to understand. You are correct I was running 15 inch props but it landed heavy so its not going to fly anymore.
Came RTF so I wasn’t aware I should be looking at adjusting the FILT values or do an Autotune. Thanks for pointing that out.
This model has a bit of a reputation of failing esc’s and as I have another one almost the same I will just replace them and the motors.

Just to confirm that the hexacopter crashed due to the failure of two esc’s at the same time. Both barely soldered on and one burnt out. So even with factory built RTF it pays to check under the hood before flying.