HEXA suddenly into ESC calibration, then full throttle flew away

Hi Guys!
of course we are not calibrating the ESC, even not armed, I am so glad It’s not hurt someone, It’s a beta test copter, so don’t worry about it. and we are using the CUAV X7Pro, No log, Only a Gcs messages, I’m not sure It’s a hardware or software issue, hope you guys can help me find out what’s going on, thanks!

Post the parameter file, perhaps something can be gleaned form that.

That looks really scary! :exploding_head:

Why would you be powering this thing up with props on, using the dev version of the firmware before completing all ground tests?
Just asking.
Why no log?
GCS log?
You have left out quite a bit of detail leading up to the event.

No, I’m rellay not, cause that’s it, no any log , This copter is not even ARMED, and This thing files quiet well few days ago. And main goal of this copter is we want to do a little bit test of new fc