Hexa Frame choice. Tarot T810 vs Tarot T960 vs RCTimer F800

Hi al,

I am looking for a frame (hexa probably) to fit a good camera (Nex5 mainly) and gimbal and fly geo mapping missions.
There are a few choices of frames that are within my budget.

The key feature would be endurance (ie maximize flying time/distance).

One is F800 (dji s800 clone) from RCTimer and the other is Tarot T810 por Tarot T960.

F800 seems very easy to assemble and to repair. It is quite portable. The only doubt is about its durability (EVO arms) and vibrations.
Tarot ones seem very solid but a little more diy stuff regarding connections etc. T960 seems better to me as the weight is almost the same and can fit larger propellers (more efficient ie more flight time apparently).

What can you tell me about them? Any advice? Which one would you pick? Do you see any other interesting frame better than these three?

Many thanks!!

Are you planning to use an APM or a Pixhawk for your FC? If not, then you will be better off posting your frame question on RC Groups.
TCIII Developer

I already have two APMs for both my DJI 550 and my Bixler.

For this particular one I will move to Pixhawk


Forget anything with RCT800 arms! I have a 70cm quad built with them and they flex badly. With big props you will get massive vibrations which will throw AC’s ALTH and yaw off badly.
Additionally, the press-in threads in the arms went loose in mine after 2 times disassembling/assembling.

Thanks Stefan,

Nice to have feedback from experience!


I am in the process of making a NEX5 mapping hex and I was curious if you ever chose a frame. I am thinking of either the F800 or Tarot T810. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I finally assembled a tarot t960. It is a good and rigid frame.
But you will need a lot of work of soldering etc. If you go this way, I suggest you buy a second central frame so you can stack them and have enough room for electronics.

If I were to buy a new frame I would go for the dji s1000. It is not that expensive if you take into account the quality, the time you lose soldering and the nice and small folding size.
On plus the angled arms of dji adds a lot of stability specially when descending because the turbulent air is not thrown just below the prop.

Hope to have help!

If it makes you feel better, you choice to go with the Tarot 960 was a good one. I have both the Tarot and the DJI… The DJI if for film work and the Tarot I use for mapping. The DJI would be inappropriate for mapping, no where near the efficiency of the Tarot. The Tarot frame allows me to use 18" propellers and Foxtech 5010 motors. Combined with 22ah 6s batteries I can map for 45min. The DJI you’d be lucky to get 20. As for stability, the 960 hex is already rock solid.

Hi x1 aero

i am trying to build a tarot 810 or DJi s900 (or any other configuration) for 40 min endurance with a gopro + FPV+ data link-DJi A2:
Can u please suggest me setup or guide me to your build please.



I’d forget the A2, your workflow for geosyncing the images will be a nightmare. I’m using a Pixhawk, which makes that task super easy. As for a frame, if you want to get into the 40min region, you’ll need to go with 18" propellers and low kv motors so that excludes the T810 or the S900. Look at the Tarot T960, Tarot T18 or a Foxtech Kraken 130.