Hexa crash after watchdog reset

Hexacopter with pixhawk4 mini, arducopter 4.0. Frsky 2.4GHz link. I fly in auto mode. To have good view I was control model from window on second floor my house. When I seen that RSSI was low I change mode to RTL and when model was about 600m from home I go down to go ouside to land. During This time I loose RF signal. When I was outdoor I see that model fall down. On radio last message from telemetry was “Forcing safety off for watchdog”
There is to log:

First was cut just before crash and second started during fall down.
Second log is long because pixhawk logs till I found model and switch off.
I wonder what was happens.


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Thanks very much for this report. We’re investigating as a top priority and we think this could be an AP software issue (but we’re not sure yet).

Many thanks for your bug report! I believe I’ve found the cause for this issue and there will be a patch for 4.0.1rc2.
This bug also explains why some people get garbled status text displayed with FrSky telemetry.

Critical issue? Is it safe to fly latest 4.0 version?

Nevermind, already found Copter-4.0.1-rc2 available for beta testing -- Critical Fix Included

Thanks for very quick solution.