Hexa copter of one motor stop in flight

Hi all

I had problem today, Flying in the sky suddenly stop the one of motor stop (Hexa copter)

This drone payload 15 kg and drone wheelbase is 1760cm. Large size.

It as same problem two times, stop the motor.

Do you know why? and can I get the any technical advice?

Thank you again.

Link Bin file

That link has an access requirement. Remove that for jhelp.

Thank you for telling me.
Link Edited.

Yes, thrust on Motor one fails. The cause isn’t always apparent in the log. ESC, motor or prop failure, intermittent fault or desync are possible causes. Current logging can sometimes give a clue but you don’t have it. What Motor and ESC’s do you have?

T-motor U13II 130KV with FLAME 180A and it was first test flight. Actually, Stabilize mode without payload flight was good. but After I tried to make PID setting while happen this .

I am gunna go on a hunch here and say its the Flame ESCs desyncing - very common with that line.


Yes, it has seemed to be a common denominator for many similar posts in recent months.

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Do you think, It was problem that T-motor Flame 180A with U13II KV130 desynchronization?

That would be my guess.

Thanks mate…
I’m going to make more high current PDB

I don’t think that would help. I recommend switching ESC brand/line.

I had a similar problem. a rotor overheated after a few minutes of flight, even coming to a halt, I suppose due to cutting of esc due to excess consumption or due to expansion of the engine itself. In any case the solution was to change that rotor.