Hex files different?

Dear Developers,
Thank you very much for all the effort in the build environment and also in the documentation.
That made it possible for me to fiddle around with the code :slightly_smiling_face:

Recently I started building the code by myself.

For validation purposes I tried to build an older stable version.
For example I created Plane 4.0.5 stable (0bfa263) for omnibusF4pro.
Comparing my hex-files with the prebuild binaries I see a small (size) difference.

I expected to create exactly the same .bin or .hex files.
All code building is done on native (L)ubuntu 20.04.

config.log (67.4 KB)

What are possible reasons for the differences:

  • a time stamp? Not enough for the file difference.
  • newer libraries?
  • smarter compiler flags?
  • a different floating point definition?

Is there something trivial I am not aware of?

@ admin: If this question doesnโ€™t belong here feel free to move it to a more suitable category.

PS: I have already have flown with the .apj files build by my own. And modified versions of the code too. Most of the time they behaved as expected.

My guess would be different gcc version or compiler flags/optimisations

Hi James,

Thanks for the confirmation. This saves me a lot of digging in the wrong place.