Hero 5 Black and MimimOSD

I don’t see this asked anywhere but does the GoPro Hero 5 Black work with the MinimOSD board.

Can you even hookup a Hero5 to OSD?

Does it work with the IRIS Gimbal?


Only on the ‘TV’ out connection as the MinimOSD only handles analogue video.

Assuming that GoPro have not changed the USB socket functionality, even though they changed the connector to USB-C :frowning: , the analogue video should be available.

Nothing easily findable on the GoPro site though

The old GoPro cameras had a standard Mini-B shell, but they weren’t a standard connector. They had extra contacts for the video and audio outputs. I doubt they modified the USB-C connector to include those contacts, so I think the analog video and audio are gone from the new cameras.

You’d probably need to convert the HDMI feed to analog for OSD use. A couple options for that below. But I won’t guarantee compatibility, I know there’s at least one HDMI converter on the market that requires a special output mode that only works on Sony cameras.


And given the price of these adapters, it may be prudent to consider a GoPro clone or second FPV camera instead?

The GoPro Hero5 Black uses a Micro HDMI connector so none of those devices will work.

They make adapters for times like these…

I can see that fitting on my gimbal just fine, NOT.