Here's a 3D Printable mount for PH2.1 with Edison Carrier

I wasn’t happy with my vibes. After trying several styles of mounting tapes I decided to go this route.

This cured it.

EDIT: I probably needed to state that this was designed for a larger frame (RCT800 Hexa) copter with a large top deck.
I’m working on a different, smaller bottom mount version which I’ll upload to this folder when I’m done.

Cube Mount Folder


Thanks for sharing! will print one for my pixhawk2 :slight_smile:
Do you have a link for the dampers needed for this mount ?

Sure…I actually scavenged mine from a broken Tarot Gimbal -
These are what I’m using. I think I may try the blue ones as well, they’re a bit stiffer. Search for Tarot Blue Damper.

Tarot Dampers on Amazon

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Just for the record… It should be Printed with ABS or PLA right.

I printed one in semi flexible Hobbyking Filament (i really like that stuff, thought its worth a try) and it came out to soft for my test quadcopter. though it could be usefull in a rover :slight_smile:

Had some dampeners laying around that fit as well from Hobbyking. Link

I will need to print one in PLA.

Yeah I use PLA pretty much exclusively.

There is a little flex anyway, until you’ve mounted the PH to the top mount. This was intentional to keep weight low.
The PH is providing that stability on the top mount. Kind of the same concept on the bottom mount. I make sure to cut some adhesive around the corner pieces so they’re stuck nicely to the top plate.

FWIW I use 3M VHB on all my builds.
I might tweak it a little today. If there’s something specifc you need changed let me know and I"ll see what I can do.

Edit: The top mount should have a recess to allow the dampers to sit flush. It doesn’t look like it came out in the print.

youre right the first print did`nt came out too well. I printed another one in PLA and it came out ok.

Thanks for your work and sharing again!
Just in time before my first pixhawk2 tests :sunglasses:


Welcome, Linus. I’m glad it was useful.

Looks like it turned out pretty good. I have to say I’ve gotten pretty spoiled with the Prusa I3 especially after the MK2 upgrade. The auto calibration and leveling makes for some seriously accurate prints, even recesses and the like - like this model. Not to mention not having to check bed leveling etc.

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@Lance_B Thanks for making this mount available! I printed out 2 in ABS on my Taz6 and the holes are a perfect fit. I’d recommend putting it up on Thingverse when you get a chance so others can find it easily.

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Cube Mount

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