HereLink what is it?

Does anyone have any information on this product from proficnc HereLink

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We’ve got a little more information here:

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My niche concern is how hard it would be to get FCC certified - unless it utilizes a card of sorts with modular certification. That’s always been a point of anxiety for me regarding transmission systems.

That kind of thing will require some very specific knowledge. Not sure if that can be derived once it is in full production, or if there’s no chance of getting or finding enough information.

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FCC certification will be supplied



Any estimates on pricing and availability?

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Philip correct me if i’m wrong.

Availability : january 2019
Price : 800 usd / 870 euros

more informations on the pictures below

herelink-Detail-Page-en-1 herelink-Detail-Page-en-2 herelink-Detail-Page-en-3 herelink-Detail-Page-en-4 herelink-Detail-Page-en-5 herelink-Detail-Page-en-6 herelink-Detail-Page-en-7 herelink-Detail-Page-en-8

It would be great to also have a herelink module for Taranis. QGC is great but for simple operations all u need is a traditional TX. Maybe this would also reduce the cost to enter for many.

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