Herelink RC pixhawk doubt

Please clarify me one question. Would herelink use sbus , telem1 or both to manage the radion controller channels?

you will use both.

There is 2 s.bus outputs from the herelink and one telemetry port.

The telemetry port will receive and give mavlink commands. So that’s for all the telemetry on the herelink touch display. The S.bus will do the “steering” commands. The S.bus 1 output is by default the output you want to use for channel 1, 2, 3, 4 for pitch, roll, etc.

You can also map the buttons to different channels. The s.bus output 2 is in case you have a gimbal or something else you want to use. The best example of this is when you have dual command, i.e two herelinks working together. One flying the drone and one commanding a gimbal. Than the gimbal would use the s.bus 2.

So in conclusion, you want to use the telemetry port and the s.bus 1 output on the herelink for normal operation.

Feel free to ask if there is anything unclear!

Right Axel. The antenna is one for both, how there isn’t any signal messing up since telemetry is running bi-directional.

I have no idea how the antennas work or how it does to send all the data. I only know that one is directional (round one, should point towards aircraft) and one is omnidirectional (should point into the air at a 15 degree angle I think).

How it does to send all data I have no clue about

Sbus signal most likely exists only on the air unit. It sends everything together. It likely uses some sort of high priority packets for control signals leaving the rest of the bandwidth for command, telemetry and video.