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Herelink is out!

(lorbass) #21

Is it possible to use at least the 4 buttons to select the modes?
Because to tap on the screen to get the menu, to scroll and to tap again ist to time consuming for a
fast wing. And for that you need to look on the screen and loose the wing in the air.
Or is the herelink for copters only which can be parked in the air while playing games on the smartphone?:wink:

(Steve79) #22

it’s middle feb, still no info on anything? any update? Any info on changing tx parameters (d2d screen)?

(Julien) #23

I know it can be frustrating to not being able to use the full capabilities of this little jewel, but we must keep in mind that it is a Beta_1.
The big update is coming, i know Proficnc/Hex team are working hard on that.
Let’s stay patient and we should have some very good surprises in the coming weeks.

(seonhoHAN) #24

Dear Julien

Hello. i testing my herelink.

can you tell me connection Herelink air unit and pixhawk2 ?

i`m connect power, Uart is telemetry. and SBUS 2 is connect RC IN ? OR not connect to FC ?

and how can i upgrade software ?

thank you.

(Julien) #25

1 - Connect the Uart cable to one of your telemetry port
2 - Go to MP Full parameter tree and set the telemetry port to : Protocol: 1 (corresponding to Mavilink) & baud rate : 57k
3 - Power cycle the Pixhawk
4 - Connect the air unit S.BUS to Pixhawk RC_IN (only one of the two S.BUS works, so it’s easy to find the good one)
5 - Connect the air unit power input to a power source (5v to 12v)
6 - Pair the air unit and the ground unit

Done !

You can not upgrade the firmware actually, the update an procedure would be released soon

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(ibrahim camdeviren) #26


I just cant link my receiver to herelink remote ? I did it 3-4 times and signal got lost.Now there is no way to get link ? Please help

(Julien) #27

Make a video with all details

(seonhoHAN) #28

Thank you for reply.

and when i test herelink radio, pwm signal is move. (no control joystick)

can you check the video?

Thank you.

(Julien) #29

On the video, your air unit seems not connected.
When connected, make a stick calibration.
You ca tap on the message alert on the top of your screen, have a look on the messages
this tool provide, the solution could be there

(seonhoHAN) #30

Thank you.

im also finished stick calibration on QGC joystick, radio and hardware stick calibration (dial -> *#*#6484#*#*). but same problem...i dont know why this situation…:sob:

(Matthew ) #31

This is very interesting. So I see quite a few folks are having issues with the beta herelink’s. Can any one actually confirm that they are getting more than 1km distance for video transmission at a good quality this isn’t choppy or jittery? I have read a few post that folks were unsatisfied with the distance they are getting. Also why is it currently using QGC but then you are going to switch and make folks learn solex, is there some functionality issues with MP and QGC? Will solex allow for GPS inject of RTK corrections, will there be the same functionality in solex as with MP and QGC. Is this going to be a the same as the release that is currently available in the google store or will this be a different version? For that price I’d like a bit of assurance that things are going to work as said. @proficnc do you know when this will be released as a non-beta version?

(proficnc) #32

as mentioned above, this batch was Beta_1
Beta_2 will be shipping this month, the first big update is coming with this shipment, and will allow all existing units to update to the new functionality.

Solex will ship at NO ADDITIONAL COST to all users! this is pretty cool, ans it is not a free app. However, you are free to continue to use QGC if you wish, its your device, its not locked, you can sideload whatever you wish.

this next version will allow for mavlink forwarding to allow you to connect in a laptop with mission planner etc… this will allow you do do RTK base etc. As we continue, more and more features will be included in both Solex and QGC. more customisation, more flexibility.

Please be patient with us as this all takes time. we will release the product as “Stable” once we are very confident that the software is ok to be described as such, but that time is not now. So if you do not wish to use it as an Beta product, please hold off on your purchase. Supplies are limited anyway, so we would rather units went to those that really understand what a Beta testing release really is.

As far as range. We have stated from the beginning that the 20KM range is under PERFECT conditions… and by perfect… I mean really really perfect.

the reason to design a product with such range, is not to operate it at those extremes, but rather to ensure a reliable link within the bounds of normal operations.

I.E. we published early on, driving a ground rover to around 2.2km with a solid link. ground to ground.
However, a mountain top to multi-copter can easily do the 20KM using the direction antennas supplied, its all about signal path.

we want you to have a solid link, within VLOS, or EVLOS, thats the goal

I hope that answers your questions

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(Ecks Cam) #33

Hi Philip. Just noticed your webpage has moved the beta 2 to April now. There’s a video on YouTube of somebody saying they have the Beta 2 firmware for herelink. Is there any beta version of the new firmware just for ground testing purposes?

(Julien) #34

The Beta_2 is exactly the same than Beta_1. It just refer to the production batch number 2.
The update will come soon, stay tuned !

(Ozan Durmaz) #35

Hi, i can’t load any map on my herelink. Anyone could help me?

(Matthew ) #36

@Ozan_Durmaz and anyone else,

it looks as though proficnc also has their own forum now, maybe you could also post there possibly get more exposure to the issues.

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(Ozan Durmaz) #37

Thank you for reply, i will do as you suggest.