Herelink Failsafe Settings with Arm/Disarm Button

Hey all,

Bit of background, we were testing a hex with the herelink controller, the setup on the herelink includes an arm/disarm toggle on button “A”, (basically hold throttle down and hold arm to arm and visa versa for disarm) we thought this was more fool-proof than the combined stick command.

During an open field test we did a transmitter failure test where we re-booted the herelink to simulate what happens if that occurs in an actual flight, (we had the fail-safe mode set to always RTL on the copter). Once the link was lost the copter started to return to launch, the herelink then booted back up and (in hindsight this is obvious) the arm switch reset to low 1000ms which caused the copter to disarm mid-air, massive oversight I know…

My question is: What set-up changes would we need to do to the herelink to stop this from happening again? We would rather like to keep the arm button but if this is not an option then so be it. Also what other advice would people have when setting up the herelink/general failsafes?