Herelink controller esc calibration joystick mapping

I am currently building an Autonomous boat. I have 2 motors and 2 servos. I am currently using a CubeOrange with the Herelink controller system and QGroundControl on the handheld controller. I am having trouble calibrating the esc and mapping the joystick. I want the right joystick in the center position to be zero so my motors do not spin up, but when I try to calibrate them they end up mapped in a weird position where I have to hold the joystick in a diagonal position so they don’t spin up.

I managed to get my servos for steering mapped perfectly with the servos set to ground steering and adjusting the PWM values. I have my two servos on Main Out pins 1 and 2

The motors are on main out pins 3 and 4. I have tried setting them to motor 1 and 2, throttle, but they seem to spin up the easiest using ground steering which doesn’t seem right.

Any suggestions?