HereFlow calibration - what and where is EKF5.meaRng

I installed a CubePilot HereFlow today and I’m following the Optical Flow Sensor Testing Setup procedures in the docs.

The docs has a reference to EKF5.meaRng - and I can’t find where see this data.

When searching for this information I found that someone else asked about it back in '19 - but there was no response. I cannot find EKF5.meaRng on PX4FLOW calibration

I have a Lightware LW20/C that I’ll install as a rangefinder. But I want to see exactly what both the optical flow and range finder of the HereFlow is doing before I shut off it’s Lidar.

Can someone please direct me where to find and how to evaluate the EKF5.meaRng messages as stated in the docs?

Thank you!

EKF* is for EKF2.
You are using EKF3
So the name should be XKF5.meaRng

Thank you Amilcarlucas -

I was thinking it might be something like this - that the docs weren’t current.

The docs mention “messages” - for EKF3.meaRng - (now XKF5.meaRng). I don’t know where to find such messages. I was thinking it might be something in the DataFlash files in the graphs - but I don’t see an option for XKF5.meaRng. Perhaps as a “message” it’s something else entirely.


Would you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

I’m stuck at the very same point - help is appreciated.

Range is reported in XKF5.rng

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