Here3+ ublox RAWX packet logging

Hello All,

We have been trying to get ublox RXM-RAWX,SFRBX packets in dataflash logs from a here3+ connected over UAVCAN. We have set the GPS_RAW_DATA and LOG_DISARMED parameter. FW version is AC 4.3.4.
However we are not seeing GRAW / GRXS headings in the dataflash bin file.
Any help from the community for the same is highly appreciated.


Hello @swaroophangal

Some time ago I tried to retrieve this information also, but from what I remember it wasn’t possible to do so without being at the SLCAN mode for the USB e passthru to the u-blox u-center app.

This is because the CAN bus of Here3 is processed by a microcontroller and wasn’t sending this kind of info yet a year ago. You would need to access the UART coming from the u-blox chip instead, what wasn’t available at that time.

But anyway, ask Philip Rowse about it, maybe an update is already available containing this feature. As I said, this experiment I made was more than one year ago.