Here3 problem - flashing two blue lights

Today I used Mission Planner to set up the RTK base - using a ZED-F-P receiver on the base.

Early in the set-up process, the Here3 began flashing two blue lights. That indicates “disarmed, no gps lock.”

I was able to due the Mission Planner Survey-In procedure without any problems.

The flashing two blue lights on the Here3 remain.

I disconnected from my PC to start the copter up normally - but still have the flashing two blue lights.

I’ve entered a post on the CubePilot forum asking for help - and if I find a resolution, I’ll post it here for others to reference in the future.

In the meantime, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Wow - this is embarrassing. It appears the problem was simply an unusually long cold start. Good GPS lock this morning. I had been testing in my upstairs workshop - where I typically get a pretty good GPS lock. Looks like on a cold start, there wasn’t enough reception. Moving the copter outside - I was able to get a lock fairly quickly.