Here3 GPS stops working when Ping2 is connected

Hello everyone! After several unsuccessful attempts to get an old sonar unit to work on our new boat, we decided to upgrade to a BlueRobotics Ping2. We have a Here3 GPS connected to the CAN1 port on our Cube Orange, and it normally works fine.

However, when we connect the sonar to the TELEM2 port, the GPS no longer boots correctly. Normally the GPS LEDs flash blue during boot, but with the sonar connected, they flicker briefly before turning off entirely. We also get repeated “EKF3 waiting for GPS config” messages in Mission Planner. After restarting the boat with the sonar disconnected, the GPS once again works fine.

I updated the Ping’s firmware to the latest version before connecting it. I’ve been trying to update the Here’s firmware, but I can’t get the instructions on CubePilot’s site to work (the unit never appears on the DroneCAN/UAVCAN page).

Parameters were set up following the directions for both pieces of hardware, but here are the relevant ones:

  • BRD_BOOT_DELAY = 5000



  • CAN_P1_DRIVER = 1

  • CAN_P2_DRIVER = 1


  • GPS_TYPE = 9

  • NTF_LED_TYPES = 231

  • RNGFND_1_MAX_CM = 10000

  • RNGFND_1_MIN_CM = 30

  • RNGFND_1_ORIENT = 25

  • RNGFND_1_TYPE = 23

  • SERIAL_2_BAUD = 115


I’d really appreciate any input on this! Thanks!

Sounds like there is too much current draw by the accessories.
The Telem1 port has a higher (and isolated) current rating than the others, and everything else is lumped in together as far as current is concerned, including Telem2, CAN, GPS…
So you will need to add a BEC to power the Ping2

Current Draw
100 mA (typical)
900 mA (peak)

I would say it needs a BEC that can supply 2 or 3 amps easily.


Great, thanks for the advice! I’m sorry for my ignorance here, but do you happen to know how to set that up? The Ping connects directly to the cube, so I’m not too sure how to change the current that’s available for it.

@xfacta just wanted to follow up to thank you for this answer! You were exactly right, and I was able to solve the problem by purchasing this BEC from Amazon.

I didn’t realize this when I sent my previous reply, but the Ping’s individual wires were attached to the JST-GH connector via header pins. So I was able to disconnect the power pins and attach them to the BEC instead, with the data pins still directly connected to TELEM2.

Thanks again!