Here2 GPS LED's Periodically Fail to Light Up

This seems to be intermittent, or at least, I can’t figure out what is causing it. I can now say that it’s not a wiring problem because the wires all pass continuity checks. On top of that the Here2 module will work perfectly sometimes.

The problem is this:

Aircraft is fully assembled OR partially assembled. Latest version of Mission Planner and Cube Black firmware is loaded. Airspeed sensor (since it is a rare one at the moment) is the Drotek SDP3x (which functions perfectly).

Upon connecting the flight battery (which powers the entire aircraft) the Cube will boot as normal but the Here2 module flashes twice with the “white” light LEDs and the red LED for the Arm/Disarm switch lights up as normal. After the two white flashes the LEDs on the sides (the red switch LED works fine all the time) will not light up anymore.

This can last through many reboots and when I get it home from the field the darn thing works just fine.

I have not checked the firmware version on the HERE2 module as that requires some serious effort mechanically speaking.

I know this problem has been reported before here and possibly here and here.

If I need to replace it that’s fine, I just need to know that doing so will work 100% as I need the reliability.

If you have a extra autopilot updating firmware in CAN mode on the Here2 and it is extremely easy. Since all the Here2’s come in CAN mode out of the box I always update the firmware before switching to I2C mode. I’ve found I have a lot better performance in I2C then CAN (very limited testing but plan to do more) but can makes it easy to update out of the box. I’ve only had one Here2 with some weird LED problems where some would not work but functional never had an issue with the compass itself. All of mine have been using copter 3.6.11 and up and plane 4.0 and up.

Not sure if this will help you currently but food for thought if you would like to update firmware easily.