Here+ rtk surveyin Acc(m) and Time(s) boxs GPS Inject

Thanks Michael for the quick fix and the assume updates you have made since.

@Michael_Oborne i keep getting this string in surveyIn box on both my pc and tablet. also get it on my tablet in time (s) box.

System.Windows.Forms.TextBox, Text: System.Windows.Forms.TextBox, Text: Syst…

is there a way to get it to act like it used to with just the default numbers like it used to? its still usable by deleting and entering a number. but its a big pain

Same here.
To reproduce, complete a survey and Save as current position. Now everytime when you reconnect to the base the error appears.

yes its a bug. fixed in beta

Nice so far so good thanks for the delete button also.

I could reproduce the defect again in MP latest beta.
@Michael_Oborne could you please check again?

There was another beta update today. Don’t know if it helps but there is. Min is 28648 yours is 27022. But I haven’t had it do it again.