Here+ RTK, Pixhawk 2.1, APM Planner, Mac

Can anyone shed some light on the set up for a Here+ RTK GPS, Pixhawk 2.1 with APM Planner 2.0.25 on a Mac? I cannot arm the ESC’s (in loiter) due to a “Pre-arm check, GPS 1 configuration error”. In Mission Planner there is an option for RTK but not in APM Planner.

For RTK you can use Qgroundcontrol.
Prearm errors are not related to GCS.

On advice I updated to Copter 3.5 which supports Here+. Problem now is it wont arm due to a “Check firmware or Frame Type” error. APM Planner does not have a frame class selection (Octo) under config (like Mission Planner does). I’ve set FRAME_TYPE and FRAME_CLASS correctly under Standard Params but still getting the error. Also my PFD is inverted!

I’ve managed to overcome the errors using QGroundControl. When I loaded up the settings in QGC, it displayed the Pixhawk orientation as Pitch 180, which obviously gave me the inverted PFD. I had set Yaw 180 in APM Planner (Pixhawk is mounted backwards) so me thinks there might be a bug there…