Here+ RTK GNSS vs Here GNSS

Hi guys, so I have a Here+ RTK GNSS and a regular Here GNSS. For some reason my Here+ stopped working right before we were about to fly the fixed wing. It doesn’t seem to light up anymore when powered. There’s only a very dim red light coming from the button area. So there goes the Here+ I think. Now, I’m wondering what’s the difference between the Here+ and Here. Will the RTK work separate, and I can just use the regular Here? OR is the Here+ and RTK just one system that only works together. I didn’t work on it much myself so I’m not too sure about the difference between the two.

Well… you won’t get ANY RTK. The Here+ has a Ublox m8p chip which is basicly the only thing in your drone getting the RTK corrections. The whole deal is to send the RCTM Messages from the base station with a different m8p chip to the drone.

With the here gps you only get “standart” gps with the gps accuracy.

If you want rtk capability you have to get the here+ back to work and feed base corrections to it through telemetry or another channel