Here+ RTK follow mode

Hello guys

I would like to make precise follow me mode relative to moving vehicle.
I have got Here+ RTK with pixhawk 2. I’ve upgraded firmware in rover and base to 1.40.

I read about using moving baseline for follow me. I couldn’t reach stable fix type. Fix changed from 3D fix to RTK float. I’ve never seen RTK FIX. In the air copter was loitering above base, but the precision was not good. It flies ± 3 meter around the base.

In another fly I used static baseline mode. I reached RTK float status and for a few second I get RTK float. The precision was good. Copter stayed on position. When I moved with baseline the copter changed self position with base.

Can I use static baseline for follow?
How do I configure moving baseline to make it working?

Thank you

Hello Tomas,
I am curious if you solved the RTK problem in the case of moving base.
I am trying to get RTK with moving base too, but i have problem with drone stability in loiter mode - it starts to drift.
My moving gps sends 1077, 1087, 4072 rtcm frames with 1 Hz frequency and 1230 with 0.1 Hz.
Drone gps works with 5Hz rate.

Did you see this topic:
RTK GPS how to get global info ?

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