Here+ RTK Extremely Long Survey Time & Inaccuracy

I have a brand new Here+ RTK Base and 3 Rover Receivers. Early testing has show us that it takes extremely long to survey in to RTK mode and we fail to get a solution that less then 1 meter. We have tried both Qground Control and Mission planner with the same results. Mission Planner will never finish surveying in. QGC will survey in to 2 meters in about 40 minutes, 1 meter takes over 2 hours. By comparison we have a Novatel system we use with our Piccolo based system which will be in 1cm RTK correction mode in 15 minutes from cold at any location we take it too. We have tried the latest builds Ardupilot and PX4 to see if it makes a difference and it does not. We have also tried using both the Cube Yellow, Pixhawk 4 and Pixhawk 4 Mini, with no success either. The Here+ RTK antenna always has great coverage of the sky and can see 20+ satellites. Anyone have have similar results and know how to fix this? Would it be worth trying the Noatel GPS-702GG antenna on the Here+ Base unit?