Here+ rover setup with base station [using Pixhawk cube , telemetry (holybro)]

I have set up the base station using a mission planner following the instructions given in Here+V2 User Manual - CubePilot.

For rover setup section:
" After the base station is set up, you can turn on the UAV. Using the same Mission Planner to connect the telemetry module, the base station data will be transmitted through the telemetry module to the HERE + rover module on the UAV. In the Mission Planner main page, you can see the current GPS status displayed as RTK Float / RTK Fixed / 3D RTK, indicating that the positioning of the UAV has entered the RTK mode. RTK Float is a floating-point solution; RTK Fixed is a fixed solution. RTK Fixed mode has higher accuracy and requires better signal strength. 3D RTK is a unified saying of RTK Float / RTK in the Mission Planner Chinese version."

Do I need to set up the rover, or it will automatically be communicating with the base station which is already set up? In this section, it doesn’t say if I have to setup the here+ rover as I did for base station.

I have my rover connected to Pixhawk cube (orange) with telemetry (Holybro). Do I need to install/update any firmware also in Pixhawk cube?

On the website/internet; I see instructions for setup of here+ rover separately; they don’t use the base station. Please help. Thank you.