Here/Hex GPS i2c crash

@proficnc Hi, I’m having a problem with the new ChibiOS port on a Matek405-Wing, where the Here GPS compass and LED keeps crashing a minute or two after boot. It looks like the i2c bus crashes as initially the compass and led are both active (I can see compass values hanging), but then the LED locks either on or off and the compass stops responding.

Does the unit have integrated pullups on the i2c bus? Would you have any insight as to why this might be from a hardware perspective?

It’s a fantastic unit, I love the integrated LED. An integrated buzzer (with an off switch!) would be great, too.

Have not tested this with plane (i am assuming a Matek405-Wing is a fixed wing) , but copter was crashing the I2C bus with ChibiOS rc3
I have been waiting for the fix to surface which I’m hoping will be in rc5 when we can get our hands on it.

Ah that’s interesting, I’m using copter as well. What board are you using?

@fnoop This was on a Pixfalcon (HK)

Can you tag Tridge on this? It’s ok with Nuttx?