HERE+ Help needed! Where's the Here team?

Hi all,

i’m having troubles with HERE+ RTK GPS set with Pixhawk 2.1, it does not get any RTK precision and trying to get in contact with the HERE+ support team… no luck… so i’m trying here. Do HERE+ team reply to questions?

and, basically, why i’m not getting cm level precision with HERE+ (everything installed as per manual, HUD shows RTK fixed and/or float). Measures on ground are floating within 3 meters (!!!)


Are you takling about relative or absolute accuracy?

We have flown the HERE+ GPS solution with cm accuracy (relative to base) with great success. I did have to update the rover and base with new firmware to get it to work. Also, the support was not added until recently for copter.

What version of plane/copter do you use? And what GCS?

If you need cm accuracy on a global reference (absolute accuracy), you´ll have to invest in a L1/L2 dual receiver system - and quite a lot of more dollars.

@Steve79 i’m probably not the best to help here (all pun intended) because i’m having my own issues with the HERE+ RTK. But I do understand GPS pretty well. Here is what i know, i hope it helps some.

To get even close to a cm’s accuracy either relative or absolute, you will HAVE to be in “fixed” solution. Otherwise it will be considered “autonomous” and we would be lucky to have 5m accuracy of any kind.

as @triise stated, L1/L2 (dual frequency) is way better, but L1 (single frequency) will work. It just takes a little longer to come up with a “fixed” solution. Having a KNOWN point of lat/long/elevation will help a single frequency GPS solve for it’s solution (solve for the number of wavelengths and atmospheric conditions). So you would have to create a point with those known 3D coordinates and hit “use” to get it to fix for an “absolute” accuracy. Otherwise, save a position and use it in this window and you will have decent “relative” accuracy, but absolute will be many meters off.