Here GPS not powering from Pixhawk 2.1

Hi All

I have come to very strange problem.
I have a newly purchased Pixhawk2.1 . I connect Here GPS t PH2.1 . Result: No LEDs , No GPS.
I measure voltage with DMM on the GPS1 Port. There is only 1V output .

Do anyone also have this problem ??

Did you solve the problem @R_Q_Robert?

No . I power the GPS from UBEC .

Hi Robert,

Could you please share your pinout for powering GPS from a ubec? I am facing the exact same issue. Even the safety switch is not lighting up.


You can use the above pinout diagram to power the GPS.
For GPS1: Use Pin1 for Vcc(Ubec +5V) and Pin8 for GND(Ubec GND)

Thanks this is helpful!