Here GNSS problem

i have a Problem with my Here GNSS. I use it with the Pixhawk 2.1.
It is conected at the GPS1 port.
the HUD of the Mission Planner shows me that i have GPS connection. The log datas say the same. The position is also more or less accurate.
Now, my problems are:

1.The status LEDs are not working. Right from the first power up, they have never worked in anyway.

  1. There is no compass from the Here GNSS. If i understand it right the pixhawk itself provides 2 compasses (#1 and #2 when no external one is connected) right? So with the Here GNSS it shod have 3? (the Here GNSS becomes #1 and the internal ones become #2 and #3)
    with the Here GNSS connected i hav still only 2 compasses, probably the two internal ones of the Pixhawk.

Do anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

thank you very much
kind regards

There HERE compass has its own separate plug that should plug into the compass port. That is also why the LEDs aren’t working.