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Here+ for everyone!

Thanks to the awesome work of Michael Oborne and Michael Du Breuil, setting up the here+ is simpler than ever…

And now Randy has written up a really great guide for using the Here+ with A pixhawk 1 or “The Cube” (wiring shown only for the PH1, as the Cube carrier board is labeled.)

More wiki writers are needed, so if you can, please jump in and give the team a hand!

Does the Here+ use it’s own telemetry radio or the UAV>GCS one for sending corrections?

It uses the regular telemetry connecting the GCS and vehicle.
I was flying it today using APsync’s wifi telemetry on my EX700 with NVidia TX1 + Pixhawk.

This is a picture of the landing vs takeoff point on my 2nd flight. Now I must say that in the first test it was about 1m apart so this 2nd test might have been a fluke. I’ll be testing more and report back.

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Wow nice! If thats repeatable I want one! (Actually maybe I should finally put my reach in a QP first!)
Thx for the info, and please keep us up to date with your progress/tests.
Are you running one of Jurgens oards for the TX1?

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