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Here 2 GPS RTK Inject Auscors

Hi, all

I have have access to a ntrip RTK service(free) in Australia through auscors

Just register and then go to to find the right mountpoint information in your area. That was a fun 2 hours…

Anyway once I got that setup and I had all the nice green squares light up and the correct information coming into MP, and every time I connect MP to the drone on copter 4 the latest as of today, it freezes the here 2 GPS unit.

I have gone into u-centre and in the port setting(CFG/PRT) under UART1 for the input side I have 0+1+2 enabled (UBX+NMEA+RTCM) and I send the change across

I am connecting via UART 1 in u-centre but use CAN cable(in can mode) in MP/Cube

I have a black cube with only a here 2 GPS and 900x telemetry set connected only besides power.

Am I missing something?

Do I need to configure a different port on the GPS?

Do I need to only use UART instead of the CAN Protocol?

Do I need to also insert the RTK information into the GPS as well as per page 53 of the u-centre manual?

Do I use the ublox firmware instead of the hex firmware?

I make sure I have the switch in the right direction when testing (UART/CAN)


The Here2 is not RTK. Here+ v2, HerePro, and Here3 are RTK. Nothing you can do will allow the Here2 to provide RTK at this time.

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