Here 2 external barometer and use cases

Hello everyone, I have a fixed-wing aircraft which contains cube black autopilot inside fuselage and Here 2 GPS mounted behind wings. The cube black has 2 MS5611 barometers and I figured out Here 2 involves MS5611 as well. I have enabled it through UAVCAN and set the parameter GND_PROBE_EXT to ‘4’ in autopilot. So that GND_ABS_PRESS3 appeared to have a value. Once I change GND_PRIMARY to ‘2’, FC will pick up the barometer attached to Here 2, so no longer configurations are required, right?

The point is, does it really worth to use this external barometer? In which case this usage will profit? Did any of you experienced such situation?
I’ve read air disturbances affect barometer, so having baro placed in a protected area (somehow) will save the day? But the cube placed inside aircraft is already isolated from air disturbances and its barometer is already isolated inside vibration dampened IMU board, right?
I guess this will be useful for quadcopters maybe. I have seen issues about prop effect that causes baro glitches during landing.

In my aircraft, do rotating props at the empennage might introduce any air disturbance through the body? So my Here 2 baro will get faulty?

I use external baro from HERE2 on a Quadcopter where the center case is full enclosed and has a cooling fan for cooling other components. This also pushes air around the cube. So external Baro was useful here.
In your case, I would use the one which is inside the fuselage.

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Thank you for your answer @Mallikarjun_SE. I will test and decide which to use. Do you know how to observe the presence of this third barometer in MP or in autopilot in order to confirm it is activated, or to test its behaviour under different conditions?

I have another question about EKF, I hope you have the knowledge. When we say the primary barometer is the one inside Here 2, it becomes the barometer that primary EKF’s barometer, right? And EKF does not switch between barometers, It switches between 2 EKF instances running on 2 different IMUs in case of any faulty sensor which is part of that IMU subsystem?