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Here 2 and Pixhawk 2.4.6 I2C comunication problem

Good Morning,
i have buy 3 here 2 for use in project with Pixhawk 2.4.6, i have buy the cable make for it (so i guess you can use it) i have switch in I2C, and connect with the pixhawk, the gps is ok but i dont see the magnetometer, try with all the version of ardupilot, i have verificate have the right drivers in the firmware…but nothing it not work.
Have advise for resolve this trouble?

@proficnc please have idea for resolve this trouble?

Is that a 3DR pixhawk? Or a clone?

Have you tried in CAN mode? Can is best.

It’s original
I have try with varius fmu chinese assembled in my company, original without difference

Did you try CAN?
Can you take a photograph of your setup?

The setup is very simple i have connect the original cable and switch to i2c
I have try varius type of pixhawk hardware

The second magnetometer arent see
Last time have try with 4.0.0…

I have try with CAN fw 4.0.0… nothing

i have verify this pinout i2c…but nothing

For CAN…
It looks like you had serial still connected… just connect can.

Sorry i’m not undestand, i have connected the Can (but i dont know if are correct the cable included in Here2 for can bus)
The only serial connected are the usbmicro for view in missionplanner

But why dont work in I2C?
please let me know

no suggestion for me @proficnc ?

In this picture you have CAN and. serial connected.

You need to just connect CAN by itself.

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