Hemisphere V103 - GPS Compass as primary compass

We’re using ArduRover 4.0 on a BeagleBone Blue connected with a Hemisphere V103 GPS Compass. The Compass reading from this GPS is True North referenced.

We have adapted ap_gps_nmea to accept its compass readings, and we can see the value as “Yaw” on the Quick-tab in Mission Planner.

However, the GPS Compass does not seem to be used for steering the vehicle.
We are not using the internal compass of the BeagleBone, as the GPS compass is much more accurate (and not influenced by foreign magnetic fields).

What is needed to get the Autopilot to use the GPS Compass readings for steering? How do we troubleshoot this, and possibly fix it? Should compass readings for autopiloting be feed in in a different way?


Did you solve your problems??