Help with voltage settings- Holybro PX4

Hi folks,

I’m trying and failing to find the correct setting to read voltage from my Pixhawk on Ground Control.

I have a PX4 described as the following: “Holybro PX4 2.4.6 “Pixhawk”; M8N GPS; PM; 100mW Radio Telemetry V3 (915Mhz)”

Can anyone give me a clue as to the proper settings in the Battery Monitor? (Or RTFM if you can link the manual). I’ve been trying various settings, but haven’t found the magic one yet. Frustrating, as the power gadget looks like the ones in the wizard pictures…

Thanks in advance!

Most likely just pretend it’s a 3DR system.
In mission planner

Thanks. Looks like I’m getting some numbers now.

The multiplier doesn’t seem to match up with anything I can read as an correct number for any particular hardware, but for this application I can figure it out with a volt ohmmeter and it’ll be ‘close enough’.