Help with the dataflash log (Crash)

Hi There!

I would appreciate any help to identify the reason why this old APM entered in RTL mode.

The crash itself was due to the elevons not set with enough range. At least I believed that and was a hypothesis before the flight and checked during the Autotune/FWBA mode (not enough movement to raise the plane nose).

So: Why this airplane entered in RTL mode?

My first shot was the RX range. However, it was near, and log says RCIN Ch1 and Ch2 seems fine.

My second shot was battery failsafe. However: right after takeoff, right before autotune, and right before autotune that was lower than 11v (threshold).

Should FS_SHORT_TIMEOUT the guilt of my doubt? I am getting challenging to measure the time between battery measure moments.


  1. .bin log file
  2. .params file
  3. .html file with the params descriptions of this Ardupilot version


Looks like it enter in RTL mode due to the battery MSG.