HELP with Sik Radio PPM pass through with Spektrum Radio

I recently obtained two RFD 900x telemetry radios and i have used them with no issue for a few weeks with only telemetry. I got them mostly for the PPM pass through feature but i am having a lot of trouble setting the PPM pass through up. I would like to use the telemetry and PPM simultaneously. I am using a pix hawk PX4 2.4.8 with a Spektrum dsmx satellite receiver and a Spektrum dxe radio(I also have access to a Spektrum dx8 if that makes a difference?) From my understanding the dxe has a 3.3v ppm out on the back. I have connected this to the 15 pin of the radio and a ground on the 16 pin. On the copter i have connected the 15 and 16 pin to the Rcin on the pix hawk. When i have the satellite receiver connected with this setup I still have response but when I disconnected it i have no response/RC signal. To me this means it is not working correctly, is this true? My question is do spektrum radios support this function and does the satellite receiver work with this function. Also is the wiring setup correct for what iā€™m trying to do?. Please help! Thanks

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