Help with setting 6 flight modes using Spektrum DX7s

Hello all, I searched and found some help with setting six flight modes but did not work for me. I have a 3D Robitics quadcopter with pixhawk and GPS/compass. RC is Spektrum DX7s using satellite receiver connected to pixhawk. I’m using APM Planner 2.0 with latest update.(Mac) I have 3 flight modes working using the flap/gyro three position switch. As I said before I found instructions on how to set up transmitter but then no flight modes were being selected. I could see the changes working on The radio calibration screen but we’re not selecting flight modes. I’m guessing I need to change settings in APM Planner? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you all in advance!

After searching the Internet there seems to be multiple settings for the spectrum DX 7S. I just had to play around and got 4 modes then 6 modes by changing the values under mixing 1&2 on the transmitter. If anyone else has an issue I would be happy to share my settings, just message me.

Hi it’s great you found the settings, can yo share it whit me?

Hi, I bought a 3dr y6 with Spectrum dx7s but by mistake I deleted the original settings for the couple. Is there someone that can help me recover the settings?
Thanks in advance