Help with Relay output settings on Ardupilot Rover 4.0

I am trying to setup relays on AUX1 and AUX6 on my Pixhawk Cube Orange. I have the parameters set correctly as closely as I can tell. I will attach my current Parameter settings for someone to look at if there is anyone who would like to assist me in this. My intention is to be able to control these relays with channels 6 and 7. I have RC6_MODE and RC7_MODE set up to control Relays 2 and 3 respectively and parameter values of 34 and 35 for each respectively. Furthermore I have RELAY_PIN2 and RELAY_PIN3 set for 55 and 50 respectively, enabling relays 2 and 3 on aux pins 6 and 1 respectively.

If I am missing something here, help would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I am using my AUX channels for are these relays so the specific channels are not important. I could use RC pass thru settings for these, but I would like to use the AUX channels so I can control these relays during a pre-planned mission.

I forgot to put my parameters file up, it is in this post, hopefully.
Param File
ParameterFilef3.25.21-5.54PM.param (16.1 KB)

Other than needing BRD_PWM_COUNT set to 0 so AUX 1 is GPIO (actually so all AUX’s are GPIO) it looks like it they should work as configured.

Dave, thanks for the reply. I have figured out the issue. I was trying to read the relay output as pwm but reading as a high or low signal works great. Problem solved. Thanks!