Help with raw data from the drone

Hello everyone,

I’m embarking on my second degree at university and diving into drone data collection. Specifically, I’m interested in capturing real-time data, such as the actual run time of various components like the magnetometer running at 200 Hz, and storing this data in CSV or XML files.

I’ve been exploring different solutions and would appreciate your insights on the best approach:

  1. Using pymavlink: This involves writing code to directly interact with the drone, offering flexibility but requiring programming expertise.
  2. mavros: Utilizing the mavros package in ROS for streamlined communication, although it may necessitate setting up ROS.
  3. Data extraction from logs: Extracting data from the drone’s logs, which is convenient but may not provide real-time data unless logging is done in real time.

Considering my goals and background, which of these methods do you think would be most suitable? Any advice or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Option number 3 is the easiest and safest.