Help with playback of tlogs

I been trying to learn how to playback my tlog files and the instructions seem to be straight forward. But form some reason, I cannot seem to play them back. When I click on the tlog I want to playback a message pops up and tells me “the file is in use” either enter a new name or close the file that’s open in another program. Clearly I don’t understand why that message is popping up. Someplace Im not seeing what to do.
One thing that confuses me is whether or not (to playback) I need to be plugged strait into the iris or be plugged in wirelessly with telemetry to play back the tlog.

Any help would be appreciated.

tlog get generated when you connect your copter
you are trying to read the tlog that you are creating while connected
solution is to disconnect your iris completely and replay a tlog … you will see mission planner console showing your last flight

ahhh thank you. I knew it was something stupid I was doing.